Headed off “up the Roe” again today as the locals say. Driving up the Roe Highway (and several others), destination the Swan Valley.

We’d planned only on going to a wildlife park and maybe having lunch and checking out a distillery or two and a chocolate factory.

As it was, temperatures hit high 30’s by the time we’d spent a couple of hours playing with wombats, koala’s, and multiple colourful birds at the Caversham Wildlife Park.

Caversham Wildlife Park Photoroll

Swan-Valley-6Jan14-0089 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-0095 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-0102 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-0105 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-0165 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-0173 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-0279 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-0364 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-0385

We therefore went in search of air-con and wound up at a cute little French restaurant called Little River for a lunchtime snack board. Too hot for a full meal so we had a couple of very nice platters instead.

Swan-Valley-6Jan14-5427 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-5428 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-5430 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-5431 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-5432

Temperature had soared a little higher while we were sampling pâté.


but we did need a coffee so we went to our previous visit favourite – Yahava Coffee.

Swan-Valley-6Jan14-5440 Swan-Valley-6Jan14-5438

This really needed to be followed by chocolate but the chocolate factory was closed being a Tuesday so we tried a local distillery instead – The Great Northern Distillery. Wow! a fantastic rum. Capped the visit off that did!

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