Well we had a wonderful surprise sprung on us last night. Told only that we might want to bring our camera’s and some sturdy footwear, we were driven an hour or so down the road to Mandurah.

On arrival at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre we were greeted by one of Santa’s elfs and boarded the “Christmas Lights Cruise”.

We then spent two hours slowly making our way through Mandurah’s waterways and canals admiring how the various waterfront property owners had tried to out do each other as the best lit house. As you can see in the images, competition was fierce!

Teaser, link to full photoroll below
Mandurah Waterways-4121 Mandurah Waterways-4114 Mandurah Waterways-3949 Mandurah Waterways-3916 Mandurah Waterways-3873 Mandurah Waterways-3862

Mandurah Christmas Lights full photoroll